Freedom From Your _____


In this 90 day journey I walk you through a unique, first-of-its-kind program that targets all of the necessary, yet overlooked, domains of well-being that are crucial for overcoming the barriers & burdens holding you back from fully experiencing life.

Whether its weight loss, burn-out, that horrible inner critic, major life changes, overwhelming stress, etc.. this program can help you find balance amongst the chaos.

Beware – we take a deep dive into the [possibly] unexplored parts of self; for I believe it is through SELF-AWARENESS, BODY AWARENESS & SELF-EXPRESSION that we, as humans, are able to live fuller, freer lives.

This program is made up of three phases:
MIND, BODY & SOUL; each catering to the above components of well-being.

As a participants you will have access to all of the recorded modules per phase, be eligible to attend the Live Q&A calls, as well as be granted multiple 1:1 coaching calls throughout your 90-day journey.